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We believe in medicine as a calling. Our mission is to provide the best care available in comfortable surroundings and at reasonable prices. Quality and cost control are important to us and our state licensed surgical facility was built to address the outrageous prices, lack specialized equipment and long waits at the local hospital. We have the most recent modification of excimer laser for LASIK available. Our practice is unique also in that our center has undergone voluntary accreditation by the AAAHC, and Dr. Gordon has undergone American Board of Eye Surgery.

The Center for Eye Care proudly serves patients in Lewiston, PA and the surrounding areas.

– Dr. Gordon

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Dr. Alan D. Gordon

Dr. Alan D. Gordon has practiced in Lewistown for over thirty years. He is board certified for general ophthalmology by the American Board of Ophthalmology and has taken voluntary certification as a cataract sub specialist by the American Board of Eye Surgery. This certification involves direct observation of Dr. Gordon’s surgical procedures as well as a study involving surgical outcome. Dr. Gordon was certified by the American Board of Eye Surgery in 1992 and, because this certification is only granted for 10 years, he has been recertified. He is subspecialty certified for cataract surgery and has taught modern cataract/lens surgery to many ophthalmologists both in courses and individually.


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  • A specialized surgical center

  • A refractive surgery practice

  • Specialized refractive cataract surgery

  • Professional clinical office for patient evaluation

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